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Building our own Cloud - Project Tripitaka

Project Tripitaka (for those of a certain age Monkey Magic will resonate) brought our very own Cloud into existence today. One of our students has been figuring out how we can save £100 per month on server hosting costs and at the same time learn about Cloud Native Architecture by building our own Cloud.

Ingredients for making a Cloud

A baseboard management board - Turing Pi 2

4 x Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

A Pico Power Supply



Trial and error


SD cards


Research the following

Networking - DHCP, Port Management, Routing, Firewalls, NAT

Web Hosting configuration and supporting Software

Reverse proxy

Lots of trial and error and a few roadblocks = more learning opportunities

Finally today it all works and our little Cloud now hosts a bunch of websites and mail servers.

Next Steps

Research Docker, Kubernates and figure out how to load balance and orchestrate for high availability. Figure out monitoring and alerts and try some more.

Get all of the Learning into Students CPD and CV then go learn some more. Maybe find a job where those skills can be used ??


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