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STEM Ambassadors

Hi, Its Lenny McCoy here - I am SGE's Chief Enthusiast and currently spend the majority of my time consulting in Complex Systems for the US Department of Defence and the UK Ministry of Defence. I help to make Aviation safer by ensuring the Information Systems do what they are supposed to do. In September, I am retiring from consulting to work full time at SGE and to do a part time PhD.. as you do! Doctor McCoy sounds rather exciting and spending time helping others is even more exciting.

What I am going to be doing, is using my experience, contacts and knowledge of Computer Science in Industry to help our students prepare and find roles that will not only suit both themselves but also the industry. I am doing this through the creation of a new set of courses and careers pathways which use the application of purposeful projects and by engaging within the community as a STEM Ambassador.

Watch this space for some really exciting news and get in touch if you are interested

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